Rima PC is dedicated to providing fast, affordable and reliable high end gaming machines.

Rima PC Gaming Solutions maintains strong relationships with a number of major distributors. This gives us the buying power to provide our customers with high quality products at an affordable price.

With our unique and well trained personalized attention to our customers, we take ever measure to assure your machine meets your needs of gaming. We take pride in providing optimal solutions that over-achieve our customers technical needs. What separates us from our competitors is fast turnaround.  Along with highly technical backgrounds, we have genuine love for technology and eagerness to find your solution. Experiencing computer problems may be frustrating, but we take joy in easing your concerns and issues. We look forward to taking care of you and all of your technical issues, questions, and projects.

We have fully trained certified professionals available at a fraction of the cost typically associated with this level of service

Rima PC islocated in the heart of Los Angeles and is dedicated to giving clientsthe gaming experience they demand. Rima PC has a commitment to business value